Kiddy Grade
{I} Depth / Space

On the planet Aineias, a group of children is visiting the headquarters of the organization GOTT (the galactic union and galactic organization of the trade and the tarifs). GOTT role is to correct economic imbalance, to arbitrate conflicts, and prepares contracts and treaties with other planets. Suddenly, several robots invest the place. A short battle proceeds in the darkness. Two unknown agents solved the situation in a wink. GOTT has now a new customer, the galactic government of the trade unions. This mission consists in escorting the inspector to the Medeia planet, Armbrust, without any risk.

{II} Tight / Bind

Lumière and Eclair must help Alv and Dwerg finding a gravity generator that they were supposed to escort. They must go on an interstellar prison in order to find a trace of the device. The four girls move towards the commande center of the prison when they suddently see bloodstains in several corridors and some corpses somewhere else. Suddenly, a gravity bomb unlocked itself and all the girls find themselves on the ground. Alv and Dwerg use a special device to avoid the effects of gravity and left the prison, leaving Eclair and Light in a dramatic situation.

{III} Prisoner / Escort

Eclair and Lumiere have just finished a new mission when they learn that they will not be able to return with their usual vessel. Indeed, their prisoner has a survival module which takes much place and their vessel is not big enough. They must then make the voyage with a very refractory senior police officer toward Eclair. Deciding that she must break the ice, she prepares a tea for him which results in the total opposed reaction. Eclair will learn thereafter that this officer saw his wife and his daughter killed during an identical prisoner transfer...

{IV} High / Speed

Eclair seems to have decided to change work! Here she comes disguised as catwoman in a futuristic wrestling match. After its combat, she observes Foxy Fox which seems to move well too quickly for a human-being. Lumière couldn't follow Eclair because children are not accepted in this arena. While pushing its investigations further, Eclair discovers that someone's trying to kidnap Foxy. Actually, Foxy has in its body all kind of secret engine signals which were stolen a little time ago. Eclair releases Foxy but get stuck with some new cyborgs with not very friendly intentions...

{V} Day / Off

After a long night of sleep, Eclair is invited to the restaurant by her friend Ricky . Bad luck, they will choose a restaurant where some dangerous gangsters meets. After the dinner, they decide to drink some cocktail at the bar. Ricky, disappointed not to be invited to dance by the available men in the crowd, realizes that Eclair looks way less mature than she is actually. With the help of some make-up, Eclair immediately draws the attention of a mature man which will be a little too close for her. The troubles start right after she made him fly through the room...

{VI} Twin / Star

Official documents were stolen with ease from the principal services of safety during the travel of those documents in a space shuttle. GOTT decided to give the case to 2 agents in order to clear up this mystery. During that time, Eclair must behave herself with a true travelling calamity that she need to escort with a new copy of the documents. After an awkward stealing attempt of the documents by two unknown robbers, we found our two brilliant bodyguards into the shuttle. Right after takeoff, they realizes that something isn't right on this flight...

{VII} Trial / Childpace
Eclair and Lumière meet a 13 year old young man named Timothy Constance. He is the successor of Albert Rosenfelt, a late rich man. In order to take over the businesses of his late father, he must make a DNA test to prove that it is quite worthy to inherit. Our two agents thus decide to accompany him to his native planet. They will be escorted by another vessel from GOTT with Viola and Cesario on board...

{VIII} Forbidden / Instrument

GOTT looks interested with the recent production of missiles that are able to destroy whole planets with one blow. To stop the traffic of these missiles, Eclair and Lumière are sent. While Eclair roam around the installations as a random person, Lumière hacks into the processing system and meets another GOTT member named Tweedledee. They have similar capacities and common interests. They are also in charge of the same mission, which disturbs Lumière...

{IX} Mirage / Snare

Mysterious disappearances of the principal economists of the galaxy have proceeded for a few years now. Eclipse thus decides to put Eclair and Light on the case. Following its success in its own investigations, Eclair requires of Lumière to manage this mission alone. Investigating alone, she does not learn a thing from its discussions with the various actors of the economic life and policy of the Dardanos planet. However, she will quickly realize that there is something fishy around here...

{X} Rebirth / Slave

Eclair starts to remind its last exactions as she tried to stay calmed. Far from her usual self, she really looks like her own shadow. She will also realize that Eclipse has its own dark past. The revelations will not stop in such way and her dreams resemble more than an Eclair's former life than illusions...

{XI} Set / Free

Things aren't going right on the Aure planet, mass crowd gathering occur at the moment. This planet is special since it does not have of government but a council ruled by the Nobles. Eclair, Lumière and Armbrust are dispatched in order to quickly solve the crisis. The population refuses to work under conditions worthy of human slavery. The Noble ones refuse to hear their claims and thus do not allow planet to export its own goods. Eclair starts to wonder whether this mission will not go against its principles...

{XII} Frozen / Life

Since they are not members of ES members anymore , Lumière and Eclair are now hunted by the organization GOTT. The rebellion of Eclair on the Planet Aure lead them straight towards a dangerous confrontation between them and the special forces since they're now rebels. It appears that the combat isn't fair for the men chosen to face our rebels, frightened by the capacities of Eclair. In order to continue their escape, they will stop on a planet which will perhaps be their last destination...

{XIII} Conflict / Destiny

All the means are good to eliminate Eclair and Lumière. Eclipse then decided to send two of its best men to eradicate them. As they thought they were safe, our two heroins will be suddenly attacked. During the dogfight beween the two spaceships, a tragic event occurs! Lumière is seriously touched at the time of the combat and must be healed as soon as possible...

{XIV} Steel / Heart

This time, it's the turn of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum to try to eliminate Eclair and Lumière. Rather than a direct and dangerous confrontation, they choose to hack their vessel and their mecha. Surprised by the attack of Donnerschlag, our two heroins quickly understand that their life is once again seriously in danger. In order to remain alive, they will have to destroy Donnerschlag and the MUSE, their faithful fellow travellers for years...

{XV} Break / Down

It's payback time for the organization GOTT. Everything is normal at the GOTT headquarters, the ES members are in stand by and are awaiting for new orders from Eclipse. Suddenly, an alarm resounds and leaves all the occupants of the building in shock. Even with a tremendous amount of guards, security systems and the presence of many qualified ES members, Eclair and Lumière arrive without too much difficulty at Eclipse's office...

{XVI} Look / Back

Eclair awakes in a large room in company of Lumière. She can't seem to recognize her right after a new transformation she had to endure. Taking for target her partner, it seems to realize of its new capacities. What it does not know, it is that she is observed by Armbrust with an electronic sentinel that Lumière thought she had destroyed. She is in shock and does not seem to to remind her own identity and her past. Fortunately for her, Lumière promises her to reveal all the details of her previous life gradually...

{XVII} Phantasm / Reborn

Since the destruction of the GOTT organization and the death of Eclipse, the nobles choose a new chief. They need them to finish the creation of the Atlas type vessel. The temporary offices manage to run the organization. The ES members , Sinistra and Dextra come to meet the new chief of the GOTT, Eclair and Lumière. Armbrust is kept under good escort in the enclosure of the new buildings and wonders why Eclair and Lumière are now the head of the organization whereas they tried to eliminate them...

{XVIII} Unmasked / Face

The combat between the two young women in black combinations and the clones of Eclair and Lumière is intense. The speech of the new director Eclair is completely disturbed by their appearance and seems to give hope to the members of the GOTT organization. They does not carry Eclair in their hearts. A terrible fight begins between the two runaway and two armed divisions. Armbrust, under pretext of regain his honor, proposes to accompany the two clones who helped the two young women in black...

Dossier réalisé par Arnaud Lautier (Grouick)
Design © Simon Van Daele et Arnaud Lautier (Grouick) 2003.
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