Kiddy Grade
Is Kiddy Grade worth watching or is it only a show about panties and cute girls?
Yes, Kiddy Grade is quite slow to start, It's a fact. Still, the main story unfolds itself piece by piece and you'll be quite surprise to see that those 6-7 first episodes are a great start for the series. You won't be disappoint by the story, believe me.

I'm a fan of Kiddy Grade wallpapers and one of them surprised me, it looks like regular Eclair and Lumière but it's not them. What's the deal with different main characters?
Well, I guess you got a point on this one. Eclair and Lumière evolves during the series. Keiji Goto had a terrible time explaining that to the producers of the show since it's not really that common in anime nowadays. You can distinguish 3 forms of Eclair and Lumière. I won't explain here the reasons but you'll discover them soon enough.

What is the main purpose of the GOTT organization?
The GOTT organization regulates the galactic transfers and keeps the planets in peace. It has the power to act like the UN nowadays. Still, not everything is clear in this organization and we'll be able to see some intern problems. Eclipse, as the head of the central bureau, is a key character who knows everything and the whereabouts of the upcoming crisis. Armbrust is also a really important character and he'll help as much as he can Eclair and Lumière in their quest for their past.

What are exactly the different ranks in the organization GOTT ?
GOTT has different types of secret members which are all differents in terms of power and responsibility.
We can find those type of agents (by decreasing order) G, S and C.
- G represents Gazer of Cosmos
- S represents Shamanic Agent
- C represents Channel Opener

We can also find some less important members as SO members(Security Officers Members) and a particular force C (Confidential Force).

Lumière, Eclair, Mercredi, that's a lot of French words. Is there others references in Kiddy Grade ?
As you have noticed, we ca find many French words in the series: Eclair, Lumière, Mercredi, Eclipse, Caprice, La Muse etc...
We can also find some other words like Alv and Dvergr which means Elf and Dwarf into northern languages. Donnerschlag, the bodyguard robot of Lumière and d'Eclair, means "Thunderstruck" in German. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum comes right from Alice in Wonderland of Lewis Carrol fame. You can also find Thor, the bodyguard robot of Alv and Dvergr and Wirbelwind, the spaceship IA of Eclair and Lumière, which mean whirlwind.

When will the series come out in R1 or R2 DVD ?
The US editor is FUNimation, which is known for: Blue Gender, Fruits Basket, Dragonball Z and many others. The first volume will come out the 14 February 2004 in 2 formats, a regular DVD and a collector's edition with an artbox.
We'll see the series in France, UK and Australia in 2004. It'll be edited by Declic Images in France.
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