Kiddy Grade

Kiddy Grade is a 2002 anime series from the Japanese studio GONZO, which is already quite famous for: Vandread, Full Metal Panic!, Last Exile and many others.
Coming straight from the imagination of Keiji Goto (Martian Successor NADESICO), the series is a science-fiction tale which take place in a future that could be ours.
This 24 episodes long series slowly starts with some random missions of 2 young and sexy agents from the GOTT organisation and then deviate into a dark and tragic vengeance story.
Initially aired between the 08 October 2002 and the 18 March 2003 on the Japanese television Fuji TV, Kiddy Grade managed to gather a large public who can't get enough of the adventures of the agents Eclair and Lumiere.
Our two main characters were in the first couple of episodes, without any doubts, the principal attraction of the series and managed to stay at a really high popularity level into Japanese hearts.
Instead of being a simple action and cute girls series, Kiddy Grade provided a large scale of emotions and innovations which will be described further on our article.
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